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Bite Mi Now is a “sachet” ball, created for active play with your dog. It is very durable and handy. It will be excellent for teaching your dog fetching, biting, pulling, and good grip.

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The Bite Mi Now ball is a fantastic choice for even the most energetic dogs. It was made from french ring material, which is extremely durable. It is, therefore, fearless of your pet’s sharp teeth.

The comfortable handle, with which our ball “sachet” was equipped, was made of durable tape. The connection between the ball and the handle is further reinforced with solid stitching. This will enable you to have effective and rewarding fun with your dog.

The Bite Mi Now ball is for you if you’re practicing fetch, biting, or learning the correct grip. It acts as both a ball and a tug, so it will also be suitable for pulling, thus strengthening your dog-human relationship.

The small size of the Bite Mi Now ball allows you to take it with you on a walk in the woods, on a dog run, or a trip. This is the perfect item to fit into our training pouch.

Choose Bite Mi Now if you want to add variety to your daily walks with your pet by providing physical and mental activity.


Length: 10cm

Width: 10cm

Purpose: learning proper grip, fetch, learning to bite, IGP, K9


*The ball was created for interactive play between you and your dog. In order to prolong the life of the toy and with the safety of your pet in mind, we recommend not leaving him with the ball unattended.

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yellow, red, pink, blue, green, orange


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