sheepskin tug

Sheepskin tug is a unique product made of real sheep’s wool. This innovative toy is designed for playing together with your pet. It will provide entertainment, stimulating your dog’s activity.

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This tug is a toy, made of natural sheep’s wool. It’s endurance is influenced by the finish’s material, which also gives the dog amazing sensory experiences. The soft and fluffy texture of the wool sharpens your dog’s senses and stimulates natural hunting instincts.

The Sheepskin tug is designed for interactive play between dog and handler. The comfortable handle makes it easy to hold the toy firmly, allowing for dynamic and comfortable tugging sessions. Such activity stimulates the dog both physically and mentally.

Seepskin tug fits perfectly in our dog sachet. You can take it with you both on a walk and on a trip.

Discover the joy of playing with your dog with our “puller” made of authentic sheep’s wool!

Care tips: After each play with the dog, leave the tug to dry. When it’s dry, brush it to keep it’s properties for as long as possible.


Small Sheepskin tug:

Length: 17 cm

Width: 8cm

Handle length: about 16 cm

Medium Sheepskin tug:

Length: 22cm

Width: 10 cm

Handle length: about 16 cm


*The Sheepskin tug was created for interactive play between you and your dog. In order to prolong the life of the toy and with the safety of your pet in mind, we recommend that you do not leave the dog with the tug unattended.

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