shit happens

What the process of product development looks like

IDEA - that is, the moment when the idea for a cool, useful gadget is born in your head

DRAFT - the stage in which we pour the idea onto paper, with the help of the talented hands of Aleksandra Sawic and Agata Soltys, and among the many versions, we look for the only one

ORDER MATERIALS - we only sew with durable, long-lasting, and eye-pleasing materials

STITCHING - which we then put into the hands of our talented Asia

ADDITIONS - the devil is in the details, so it's time for tags, cardboard boxes, and all that branding

PRODUCTION - the components are ready, it's high time to put everything together

ORDERING AND SHIPPING - we've got it! Well, first you have to buy from our store 🙂 You order, we pack, ship, and you can enjoy our products because all this fuss is primarily for you. Enjoy! <3

Meet the team working on shit happens

Agata - A political scientist by education, a seamstress, and a knitter by passion. Since childhood, she has loved all manual work, and she does not part with her knitting even on vacation. Where does tailoring come from? From mother, grandfather, and great-grandfather, it's the natural order of things! Privately, she's the mother of Taiga, and two cats.

Asia - Dogs have always been one of my favorites. Because of dogs, I bought my first sewing machine some time ago, and now I share my experiments in this field with you on YT. Besides, I photograph, I ride horses and most importantly, my dog companion is a mutt named Roy. I found myself in the I have a dog team thanks to Instagram, which allowed me to gain valuable knowledge and opportunity to meet wonderful people. Using what I learned from sewing for my dog, I am now creating slip collars for you.

Ola - Artist for special tasks.... Do you know those cute drawn doggies that are on the www? Yeah...That's my work. Life as a creative graphic designer and artist has taught me to be insensitive to: needed ASAP, we have a deadline, it's ok....BUT.... What do I have in common with the whole team? That damn love of pets. I myself am a proud guide through the lives of 3 dogs and a cat ( Well, the last thing doesn't matter because a cat is - everyone can see - a ca...t) All my life, I have had dogs next to me. I can't imagine it would be any other way. Daily, I run a pet store where I paint dog portraits. I quit my job in culture to combine my love of art with my love of animals. Was it worth it? Ou yeah! Do I have any interests? In addition to, of course, scribbling on everything I have at hand, you can safely add listening to audiobooks where someone is murdering someone or watching horror movies. Sports? Forget it...unless it counts who can eat popcorn fresh out of the microwave faster at home....

Przerwa świąteczna

Do 3 stycznia trwa u nas przerwa świąteczna.
Wszystkie zamówienia na produkty fizyczne zostaną wysłane po jej zakończeniu.
Dostęp do produktów online jest udzielany automatycznie, także kursy i webinary dostanie od ręki.
Pozdrawiamy Was ciepło! <3