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Durable, resistant, and compostable blue dog poop bags. They are made from natural plant materials, so they are biodegradable after use. To your convenience, they have a top marking, so you won’t waste time searching for an opening. By choosing this product you are supporting the environment.

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What does uncleared dog feces mean?

  • They expose your pet to catch microbes and bacteria,
  • They are unsightly,
  • They are a sign of a lack of culture,
  • They fund unpleasant surprises on the soles of shoes.

It happens that we clean up dog poop, but the bag is left on the lawn anyway. Not cool – a standard plastic bag takes from 100 to 400 years to decompose.

The problem of left-over feces will not disappear overnight. What can you do to treat the environment more friendly?

For example, choose poop bags that decompose in 90 days. Just like our Eco Practic bags for dog waste.

How is this possible? Our Eco Practic bags are made from cornstarch-based biopolymers. Thanks to this, they turn into organic compost after fulfilling their function.

Eco Practic dog poop bags :

  • are made out of 100% biodegradable manufacturing,
  • they give you 100% certainty that you are acting pro-environment,
  • the packaging is eco-friendly and made from recycled material,
  • their quality is certified,
  • they are durable and resistant, even to unpleasant odors.

One package contains up to 120 dog poop bags.

What’s important is that we do not use petroleum industry products to manufacture the bags.

Support the environment together with your dog by choosing Eco Practic compostable dog poop bags.


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